About Impress Dental

Impress Dental Studio is a full-service dental laboratory that provides high end fixed and removable dental restorations and appliances. Our staff members are highly skilled, with years of experience, and our expertise is enhanced by cutting edge technology and high-end materials. Impress Dental Studio fabricates dental prosthetics that have an integral fit and marginal integrity for longevity in restoring a patient’s dentition.
Cutting Edge Equipment

Cutting Edge Equipment

Impress Dental Studio also boasts innovative equipment. Our dental lab includes a portable spectrophotometer that we make available to all our clients. This allows for a better color transfer of each patient’s individual information. This process results in prosthetics that possess a more natural and nuanced color and look like real teeth.

Highest Quality Materials

Many larger corporate laboratories use cheap, synthetic materials in fabricating dental lab ceramics and other dental prosthetics. While their client-facing offices may be located in the United States, they often outsource fabrication to labs outside the US that put more emphasis on speed than quality.

That’s not how we operate at Impress Dental Studio. We only use the highest quality materials in creating and restoring natural-looking prosthetics, including high-end ceramics, zirconia, and premium quality golds. We take the time and care needed to ensure that each order we fill is of the highest quality, even if it requires an extra day or two. Our dentist clients appreciate our care and diligence – and so do their patients.


Skilled and Experienced Staff

Along with innovative equipment and quality materials, the combined skill and experience of the team at Impress Dental Studio differentiates us from our competitors. As the owner of Impress Dental Studio, Garret Fichtner is a native of New Mexico and well known to the Albuquerque community. The staff of Impress Dental Studio brings a combined 200 years of experience in cosmetic and restorative dental prosthetics to the table. Each member of the highly skilled staff prides themselves on their attention to detail.

Some dental labs may work faster, but the end product is not up to the quality that dentists – or their patients – demand. At Impress Dental Studio, we use only the finest quality materials to produce dental prosthetics that look more like natural teeth. We take the time needed need to provide doctors with the highest quality results for their patients the first time around.

Dentists in Albuquerque and across the country rely on our high-quality dental prosthetics. We invite you to add your practice to our growing list of satisfied clients.

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